Beltrotherm Endaushärte Linie mit IR-Speedmodul

New addition to Olitec – Beltrotherm final curing line with IR speed module Machine No. 5450707 – Year of construction: 2007 – in very good condition  The picture shows the BELTROTHERM thermal dryer with IR speed module.   The system consists of four modules: 1 main module 100x120x120cm (WxDxH) 1 expansion module 100x120x120cm (WxDxH) 1 IR speed module including transfer module 128x120x120 cm (WxDxH 1 cooling module 100x120x120cm WxDxH) Dimensions with inlet and outlet: 518x120x120 cm (LxDxH)   Application In the production of printed circuit boards, flexible circuits, membrane keyboards, graphic and technical products for: Pre-drying or final curing of […]

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